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What is RFID

1. What is RFID RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, that is, Radio Frequency Identification. It is often called induction chip or proximity card, induction card, contactless card, electronic label, electro

What's the size of the cards ?

1.ISO card size is 85.5*54mm,thickness is 0.15mm-1.8mm 2.Card size support customization ,need open a new module if no size.

Q4. What file of printing should I offer to you?

Design Files of AI, PDF, Corel Draw, Photoshop, CAD format are supported. If no, then send us JPG or BMP, we can design for your confirmation, it takes longer time though.

Q3. What chip should I use?

We have LF, HF and UHF chips with various memory and reading distance. If you are not sure, please inform our sales with project details. Here are some commonly used chips and inlays for your reference: 1. LF (0-5cm): TK4100 (6

Q2. How to get our RFID samples?

1.All samples are free of charge in normal,just contact our sales person to confirm the sample requests .